Our Vision & Mission

To make our students ready to face the real-life situations in the ever-changing 21 st century, the era of technology and development that demands a certain level of technical and societal proficiency from our young leaders. To be recognized as a centre of innovative and practical education that contributes towards the development of our community. To impart a global education that becomes useful wherever our students foray in their lives. To create life-long learners who give their 100% whenever they take up a task. To emphasize more on learning by doing in place of the outdated bookish cramming. Last but not the least, to provide education with values that purges our nation out of social evils towards a prosperous and dynamic nation.

Our objective is to create rational- minded individuals who grow up towards realization of their own potential through harmonious functioning of mind, body and soul. We believe in creating true humans who are ready to face challenges with strength and prudence.